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another one done! T -T)/ aaaa im sorry for the boring bg i couldn’t think of anything more interesting sobs 

Fireworks are so fun to do! Thank you again for commissioning me aaaa///// 

3 more done!!!! commission info can be found here! @ -@)/ I hope I did your characters justice Katie!!! 

keikbutt asked: Cori sempai pls notice this shameful kouhai u-u



I finally made a commission post to help out my mom! It turns out she was hiding the fact that we might lose our house soon because we have no money, so hopefully commissions might help us out a little bit.

I have two styles to choose from, and all the above pictures are examples. Each picture has a caption labeling their style. Not too hard!

I began a gofundme page, since that seems to be the easiest method of transaction for me! Once you donate there for the given amount, you can message or e-mail me with your name; just let me know what you want, and I’ll have it done in a couple days!

Currently, I can do busts and full-body commissions. Here are the prices!

Style 1:

  • Bust: $8
  • Full-body: $15

Style 2:

  • Bust: $5
  • Full-body: $10

There’s also a donation button on my blog if you feel like donating instead! Woohoo!

Thank you for reading and considering. Reblogging would be lots of help!


another one done!! ^P^)/ i hope i did your babin chara justice

commission info here

Anonymous asked: I dont mean to be like "aahh do this" but um...I think you should really consider raising your commission prices. Your art is wayyyyy too good to be priced so cheap !!!

Awww thank you so much for your consideration!! ; 7;)/// I just raised my prices though!! If I get a large volume of commission offers then i’ll probably consider raising them again i think!! ^P^)7 

derpyczech asked: Your art is so lovely :)

Not as lovely as you ofc!//// 

Sketch Commissions v2.0

Helloooo!!/// Sorry to bug you guys with commission info again but i’ve decided to update prices and references!  

TYPE A - Fullbody Sketch (10$)

  - Roughly coloured fullbody sketch of a character of your choice with a simple background! 

TYPE B - Half body sketch (7$)

 - Roughly coloured half body sketch of a character of your choice with a simple background! 


☆These are all messy sketches!! Which means I won’t be lining any of them! 

☆ I’m willing to draw anything except for explicit porn!! Fanservice/OCs/Mecha/etc is all aok with me! Although prices may rise with extremely detailed characters!!! 

☆Extra characters are 3$ extra for Type B drawings and 5$ extra for Type A drawings. This is only if you want them in the same photo together! 

☆I can only accept payment through Paypal at the moment, sorry! 

☆ If interested please send me an email with the form below at coriander25is @ (no spaces ww) or a note on dA! You can also send me an ask here if you’d like! Although i can’t guarantee tumblr won’t eat the message;;  


Name: (Your name/alias)

Type: (Which type of drawing do you want!)

Character References: (A clear picture of the character(s) you are requesting! A long as I can make out their design clearly anything is fine!)

Amount: (How many sketches you would like! This is if you wanted to commission more than one sketch at a time yup!) 

Notes: (Anything else you would specifically like to see? ; 7;)/ ) 

**Please fill out this order form and send it to me if interested! After you pay me and I confirm the order i’ll start working right away! >9’)7

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, it means very much to me!//// /u\)/// 

angleterumi asked: Hello! Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for organizing the Ib au Fest! Sadly it had to end so soon, I wished more people joined in, but oh well, it was a great event overall =D

Thank you very much! AAA IM HAPPY YOU ENJOYED IT/////  Honestly it was a real pleasure for me to organize it!! ^P^)/// I hope I can host another even similar to that soon!! 

shslassholes asked: Um, hi! ' v '; Are your commissions still open, by any chance? Your art is absolutely lovely and I'd like to toss my dollas your way for one of your painted sketches if you have the time.

Helloooo! ^Q^)//// Yes they are still open!! My sketch commissions are always open although I may raise prices soon!! and aAAA THANK YOU VERY MUCH/////// I’m very happy you think so! /u\)//// commission info can be found here with prices and the commission form at the bottom if you are interested!! 

First batch of commissions done!! 7 more to go~ 

pchatting with the baes :J 


FIRST COMIC DONE AAAAAAAaaaa////// i cant believe I actually finished woah!! The rest is under the break yosh! >9’)7 TY for reading! <3 

RosMarie - PG 

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